The 20th meeting of the Coordination Council of the Heads of Competent Authorities for Countering the Illicit Drug Trafficking of the CSTO Member States took place in Cholpon-Ata in Kyrgyzstan. The situation with the increased drug trafficking from Afghan


The 20th meeting of the Coordination Council of the heads of the competent authorities on countering the illicit drug trafficking of the CSTO member states took place in Cholpon-Ata in Kyrgyzstan . Situation due to the increased drug trafficking from Afghanistan has escalated

June 1, 2018 in g. Cholpon-Ata ( Kyrgyz Republic), chaired by the State Secretary - Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation Igor Zubov, held the twentieth meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Heads of Competent Authorities to Counter Illicit Drug Trafficking (CCBCD) of the CSTO member states.



According to the participants of the meeting, a significant problem in the area CSTO’s responsibility remains the growing drug production in Afghanistan, especially the increase in the area of opium poppy in the northern provinces bordering on the CSTO member states.

The systemic nature of the organization in the legalization of funds received from the illegal drug business was also noted, which suggests that there are his deeply disguised accomplices and multi-level corrupt connections in the international banking and business environment. Comprehensive operational investigations were carried out to identify and suppress drug entry channels to the states participating in the operation and smuggling them through the territory of Kyrgyzstan to other CSTO member states, inspection measures were taken for vehicles, baggage, transported cargo and individuals crossing the border , special events in the parking lots of vehicles involved in international cargo transportation, measures to identify and suppress the flow channels I am a drug using international postal shipments.

The Deputy General Secretary of the CSTO, Alymbek Sultanov, delegations of the competent authorities of the CSTO member states took part in the work of the CCBCD.


During the meeting, the CCBCD participants positively assessed the results of the work done during the reporting period and stressed the need to maintain the established anti-drug policy of the CSTO member states.

The parties reaffirmed the need for further consolidation of efforts in order to achieve a comprehensive impact on the drug environment , including striving to reduce drug production and increase the effectiveness of drug use prevention . The importance of continuous monitoring of the drug situation and the results of law enforcement was also emphasized .

The situation is aggravated by the increased production and distribution of synthetic drugs of the amphetamine and methamphetamine groups, psychotropic drugs and new dangerous psychoactive substances, much of which come from South-East Asia, Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

The meeting summed up the international anti-drug operation "Channel Cordon", which took place from May 28 to June 1, 2018, with the deployment of the International Coordination Headquarters inCholpon-Ata .

The operation was attended by the competent authorities of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, with the participation of law enforcement agencies of Iran, Pakistan, financial intelligence units of the Eurasian Group's member states on combating money laundering and financing of terrorism, as well as Interpol.
On the "fields" of the operation, there was an exchange of experience in countering the spread of synthetic drugs and joint activities were planned in these areas. Reached a serious preventive effect. New forms of anti - drug interaction have been tested . For the first time, anti-drug exercises of cynological services of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were held .


More than 5 tons of narcotic drugs, psychotropic and potent substances, 4 tons of 753 kg of opium, 416 kg of hashish, more than 83 kg of heroin, 169 kg of marijuana and 5 kg of synthetic drugs .

According to preliminary results, more than 283 drug crimes were revealed , including 16 committed in group forms, 2,212 criminal cases were instituted, 38 firearms and more than one thousand ammunition were seized, as well as material assets worth more than 86 thousand US dollars.

At the meeting, members of CCBCD made decisions on the appointment of the Secretary of the CCBCD and the head of the Working Group on the organization of anti - narcotic operations and other activities within the competence of the CCBCD.


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