The 18th meeting of the Coordination Council of the Heads of the Competent Authorities for Countering the CSTO Illicit Drug Trafficking was held in Astana. The main problem in the area of responsibility of the CSTO continues to be drug production in Afgha


The 18th meeting of the Coordination Council of the heads of the CSTO illegal drug trafficking authorities was held in 

Astana. The main problem in the CSTO area of ​​responsibility continues to be the drug production in Afghanistan. On November 2, 2016 in Astana (Republic of Kazakhstan), the eighteenth meeting of the Coordination Council of the heads of the competent authorities to counter the illegal was chaired by the State Secretary, Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation Igor Zubov drug trafficking (CCBCD) of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which was attended by Deputy Secretary General of the CSTO Valery Semerikov.

During the meeting, there was a constructive exchange of views on the fight against drug trafficking, the participants stated that global drug trafficking is a significant threat to the health and well-being of the population of the CSTO member states, undermining the foundations of sustainable economic growth and distorts the socio-political landscape. Participants reaffirmed the need for further work to unite efforts and develop mechanisms for a comprehensive, multi-vector impact on all aspects of the drug business, including those aimed at monitoring the drug situation, reducing the demand and supply of drugs, reducing drug production and preventing drug use. 

It was agreed that the main problem in the CSTO area of ​​responsibility continues to be drug production in Afghanistan, which, according to UNODC estimates, will increase significantly this year. The sharpest increase in the area of ​​opium poppy is observed in the northern provinces, which border directly on the CSTO member states. 

Also noted that a serious threat is a sharp increase in the production and distribution of synthetic drugs for the amphetamine and methamphetamine groups, as well as psychotropic drugs and new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances, much of which come from the South -Eastern Asia. 

In order to organize effective practical interaction, they expressed their intention to focus anti-drug law enforcement efforts on combating organized forms of drug-related crime through coordinated operational activities aimed at curbing the activities of transnational criminal groups engaged in smuggling drug shipments to the CSTO member states. At the same time, an important aspect is the undermining of the economic base of organized crime, including countering the legalization of criminal proceeds. 

We agreed to continue the practice of conducting international anti-drug operations in the framework of the Regional anti-drug operation "Channel" in the main areas of drug trafficking and at individual facilities related to the production and transit of drugs. 

Noted the contribution of the CSTO member states in maintaining the current world drug control system, the priority of which was recorded in the final document of the Special Session of the UN General Assembly on the world drug problem held in April 2016 in New York (USA). 

During the meeting, State Secretary - Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation Igor Zubov was unanimously elected Chairman of the CCBCD of the CSTO Member States. 

Following the meeting, the following decisions were made:
1. The decision on the election of the Chairman and appointment of the CSTO member states to the position of the COOSIP Secretary.
2. The decision to amend the Regulations on the CCBCD Executive Bureau of the CSTO Member States.
3. The decision to change the format of the CCBCD working groups of the CSTO member states.
4. The decision to make changes and additions to the Plan of the main events of the CCBCD of the CSTO member states for 2016-2017.
In accordance with the rules of the CCBCD, it is decided to hold the next meeting of the CCBCD in the first half of 2017, the venue will be agreed in working order.

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