The goals of CCBCD are:

- ensuring the interaction of the competent authorities in order to improve the effectiveness of countering drug trafficking and related offenses;

- developing, within its competence, proposals for improving and harmonizing the national legislations of the CSTO member states, developing the international legal framework for cooperation in the area of ​​combating illicit drug trafficking;

- assistance in the preparation and conduct of coordinated operational-search and other activities, as well as special operations to combat drug trafficking affecting the interests of the CSTO member states;

- participation in the preparation and implementation of the decisions of the CSTO in the field of combating illicit drug trafficking;

- participation in the development of intergovernmental programs and plans to counter illicit drug trafficking, in the preparation and conduct of scientific and practical conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops, to assist in the exchange of experience in this field;

- participation in the methodological and informational and analytical support of the competent authorities.