The CSTO Secretary General sent a greeting to the International Scientific and Practical Conference “The National and International Levels of Countering the Drug Threat in the CSTO Action Zone, held April 21-22, 2016 in Krasnoyarsk


Siberian Law Institute of Federal Drug Control Service of Russia, Krasnoyarsk   
April 21, 2016

Dear colleagues!  

I welcome you on the occasion of the opening, which has already become traditional, the International Scientific and Practical Conference.         

Illegal production and distribution of drugs is one of the most serious problems of modern humanity, directly threatening the national security and sustainable development of many countries. Effective struggle against this evil requires the unification of efforts of the entire world community, first of all, close cooperation of relevant government departments. In this regard, the relevance and relevance of your conference can not be overstated.         

You are faced with the tasks of countering cross-border drug trafficking, jointly training qualified personnel, sharing professional experience and information. The Collective Security Treaty Organization considers it necessary to curb the trafficking of all types of drugs and is concerned about the legislative easing in certain countries, which lead to the legalization of so-called "light" drugs.         

I emphasize that we attach particular importance to strengthening the international legal framework for anti-drug cooperation - with the central coordinating role of the United Nations.         

I am sure that your meeting will be meaningful and productive, and its results will find application in practical work.         

I wish you success and all the best.      





CSTO Secretary General N. Bordyuzha

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